To lose weight fast and stay fit, follow these perfect diet plans that burn fat

Want to lose weight fast but not deprive your body? We get 2 nutritionists to share diet plans that will help you lose calories without compromising on nutrients.

No matter how much you exercise or go on unhealthy crash diets, chances are you won’t lose weight in a sustained manner from just these changes. Losing weight need not require extremes of starvation or over-exercising. It just needs good alternatives to the usual junk food that you are eating.

With just a few changes in your diet, you can lose extra kilos and gain the requisite nutrition as well. Rekha Sharma, Head – Nutrition, VLCC suggests simple tweaks in your diet, “Consume salads with non-fat dressings like lemon and vinegar. Use at least 4-5 servings of fresh green vegetables and fruits every day.

Take fruits as a dessert and avoid sweets and other rich cream-based dishes.” Nutritionist and food consultant Anjali Peswani says that meals shouldn’t be skipped if you want to lose weight. But the quantities need to be monitored. “Eating at regular intervals does not mean one has to eat every two hours but eat whenever your body asks for food. Start your day with a good breakfast, followed by lunch and a light dinner,” she says.

Here are two diet plans to help you lose weight fast:

Diet plan 1

The 1,200 calorie weight reducing diet


1 cup of tea 1 without sugar (low-fat milk)
1 200ml glass of milk (low-fat) /buttermilk /smoothie/low-fat curd
2 Whole-wheat bread slices /whole-wheat porridge/ oats/ poha or upma vegetables, 2 stuffed small chappatis
2 Egg whites /25gm paneer/ 25gm sprouts

Mid-morning snack

Fresh lime/coconut water/fruit/ few nuts


A large bowl of salad without fat dressing or lemon/vinegar
2 medium-sized chappati (wheat and Bengal gram 4:1)
1 bowl (120 gm) curd (low-fat milk)
1 bowl (25 gm) whole pulse with husk
1 bowl (125gm) green vegetables
1 medium fruit


 1 cup of tea without sugar
2 tsp sprouts/roasted channa


Brown rice with whole pulse/Bengal gram or 1 stuffed chappati
1 bowl (25gm) Whole pulses cooked with husk
1 bowl (125gm) curd
1 serving of green vegetables
Use 2 tsp cooking oil per day

Diet plan 2


2 to 3 egg whites with 1 whole-wheat toast or 3-4 tbsp of oats with 150 ml of skimmed milk or with vegetables (salty preparation)

Mid-meal snack

1 fruit or vegetable juice (use any 2 to 3 vegetables)


1 to 2 jowar/nachni/wheat rotis/1 Katori brown rice + 1 bowl of vegetables (cooked in minimum oil) + 1 bowl of dal/ chicken /fish (not fried)


1 fruit bowl with 1 spoon of flax seeds or sukha bhel(small Katori) or 2 egg whites


1 bowl of vegetable soup/ 1 bowl of sauteed vegetable, 1 bowl of vegetable, 1 bowl of dal/black Channa/chicken/fish/ tofu

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