Movie Hope Aur Hum Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop

Movie Hope Aur Hum Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop: Set in present day, suburban city, ‘Hope Aur Hum’ is a simple, human story of a family. Nagesh the character is played by actor Naseeruddin Shah who is clinging on to his youth with a space-consuming out-of-order photocopy machine.

Movie Hope Aur Hum Box Office Collection | Hit or Flop

Once a state-of-the-art excellent German engineering product, the machine now frequently visits the state of out of order. Nagesh is claiming to earn a living from it, but to anyone sane, it is evident that he is just hoarding, calling it a memory.

Everyone laughs at him, his family pesters him to get rid of it, but he will not budge. Incidentally, the machine also raises space and room issues for his granddaughter Tanu.

Nagesh’s younger son Nitin the character is played by Naveen Kasturia who lives a comparatively lavish life in the city of gold aka Dubai and has a penchant for showing up uninformed.

He finds a love interest under unexpected consequences in a twist that is hilarious and leaves him sincerely baffled. Simultaneously, Anurag the character is played by Kabir Sajid, who is a Nagesh’s grandson, a jovial and active kid who loves to play cricket is forced by destiny to visit his grandmother’s house that is far from the city.

There, he encounters an exciting series of events that he is slightly secretive.

As things go topsy-turvy for him, his experience turns traumatic, and his general behavior shifts dimensions.

He loses interest in everything, including his favorite game, cricket. This change in Anurag does not go unnoticed by the family; the secret doesn’t see the light either.

As the three different generations of three different journeys struggle to find peace within, our story progresses to reveal how each member of the family responds to change and how hope brightens up their hum.

The Box Office Collection of the Film Hope Aur Hum

Naseeruddin Shah is a phenomenal actor. He is one of the most beautiful gems of Hindi cinema. Movies trailer has already made fans curious.

The movie has a simple theme and a powerful message.

The film will undoubtedly perform well at the box office. 20 Crores to 30 Crores should not be a big task for the movie.