Hellfest Movie Cast, Crew and Story

Hellfest Movie Cast, Crew and Story: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the Film Hellfest Movie Cast, Crew, and Story.

Hellfest Movie Cast, Crew and Story

A story of the Film

The film takes place in a horror theme park during the Halloween horror nights, and a costumed killer begins slaying unsuspecting park-goers, who are unclear whether it is all a part of the park which is experience or not.

Star Cast of the Film

Amy Forsyth

Amy Forsyth is an Actress. Amy’s movies such as Torment, The Music in Me, A Christmas Horror Story, Lead with Your Heart, Kingmakers, and Hellfest.

Reign Edwards

Reign Edwards is an Actress. Reign’s movies such as K.C. Undercover, Snowfall, The Bold and the Beautiful, 35 and Ticking, Explicit Ills, The 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards and Hellfest.

Bex Taylor-Klaus

Bex Taylor-Klaus is an Actress. Bex’s movies such as Dumplin, Discarnate, The Last Witch Hunter, Riley, The Night Is Ours and Hellfest.

A crew of the Film

Gale Anne Hurd (The Producer of the film)

Gale Anne Hurd is a Producer. Gale’s movies such as Lore, Mankiller, Falling Water, Hunters, Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead, The Incredible Hulk, Welcome to the Jungle, The Punisher, Armageddon, The Ghost and the Darkness, The Waterdance, The Terminator, and Hellfest.

Gregory Plotkin (The Director of the film)

Gregory Plotkin is a Director, Editor and a Producer. Gregory’s movies such as Happy Death Day, The Insider, Get Out, Paranormal Activity, Black Mass, Wolf in the Wild and Hellfest.

William Penick (The Screenplay of the film)

William Penick is a Writer, Actor, and a Producer. William’s movies such as Secrets in the Walls, It’s Christmas, Carol, The Greener Grass, A Harvest Wedding, and Hellfest.

Seth M. Sherwood (The Story of the film)

Seth M. Sherwood is a Writer, Producer, and a Director. Seth’s movies such as Fruitcake, Leatherface, Borderline, The World of Cory and Sid and Hellfest.

Valhalla Entertainment (The Production Company of the film)

Valhalla Entertainment is a Television and a Film Production Company. Valhalla Company’s Television Series such as Lore, Hunters, Falling Water, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead. The Movies such as Last Man Standing, The Incredible Hulk, Welcome to the Jungle, The Punisher, Clockstoppers, Armageddon, Dante’s Peak, Virus, and Hellfest.

These are the Story,

Hellfest Movie Cast, Crew and Story